Home Organization Design...huh?

What the heck is home organization design?

I promise, I'm not haphazardly shoving extra words into the description of my business. I take to heart the distinction between a more traditional organization approach and what I offer. My process is rooted in functional organization - I LOVE a well organized space that you can maintain and live in day-to-day. But I also love a beautiful space - one that you just want to sit and gaze at lovingly ;-)

One of the most important steps in my process is the initial meeting to talk through your space. What are your pain points? How do you currently use the space? How would you like to use the space? I also get a sense of your interior design style and take note of key design elements in your home. These pieces help guide how your space should ultimately feel (farm house, modern, pops of color, muted, etc) - they also help guide decisions on containers and label style.

So that's what it means - an organized and functional space that you want to show off to your friends and neighbors. Is there really anything better?! 

 #pantrylaundrymudroom organized & designed for the 'G' Family

#pantrylaundrymudroom organized & designed for the 'G' Family