Spring Organizing Tips with Studio512

It's better to post late than never...right?! This blogging thing, oy.

On my first Studio512 appearance back in February (more coming soon!). I focused on 3 key steps for any organization project: 

1. The EDIT: this can be a tough step but it's the most important. Don't run off and buy a bunch of bins before you go through your items & really clean out. Think about what you actually use & what you deeply love - anything else can likely be edited out. 

2. Make a Plan: once you've edited your items down & identified the things you're going to keep - categorize them! Whether it's your clothes categorized by season, linens categorized by bed size or toys categorized by color - anything can and should be categorized. Categorization helps you identify the organization items you need, how they should be placed in your space & labels.

3. Use the Right Tools: measure your space before you shop! Then think about the best type of bin or basket for your space. Wire baskets are great for pantries - spaces where you need to be able to see the stored items. Whicker baskets are perfect & elegant in a closet. Remember to clearly label your bins or baskets so you can keep your organization system in place long-term!

As you install your organization pieces and put your items back; remember to double check expiration dates, look for duplicates of items, and really consider whether you should be storing an item or editing it out. 

And that's it! Easy as pie! ...if it's not easy as pie for you, consider reaching out to a professional organizer. A professional organizer will help you edit your space and can create a functional organization plan that will last. If you find yourself 'organizing' the same space over and over again, you're doing it wrong ;-) Contact me, I'd be happy to help!

Click on the image below to watch the Studio512 segment.