Clothing Storage Tips with Studio512

I need someone to give me a medal every time I write a blog...or maybe a cookie. Unfortunately it's all a part of the 'start your own business' social media game. Nuts. 

Anyways, here I go again, blogging. Today is all about storing your winter clothes; because - thank goodness - it's officially spring! Click here to jump straight to the video - or - if you love a good blog post, check out the tips below ;-)

1. EDIT EDIT EDIT. I can't say it enough - EDIT. Take a minute to go through your winter items and EDIT out the things you didn't wear this year. I promise, if you didn't wear them this year, you won't wear them next year. 

2. Take the time to launder, dry-clean and mend your clothing. If you do this NOW - your favorite cozy sweater will be ready for you when that first 2018 winter cold-snap hits. 

3. Properly store your items. Coats, pants, dresses, silk and 100% cotton items should be hung up. I am OBSESSED with Huggable Hangers - they even come in kid sizes! Sweaters, hoodies and long sleeve t-shirts should all be folded. I love a good tri-fold (watch video for demo). Once your items are properly folded, store them horizontally in a sweater box or a drawer OR stack them horizontally on a shelf. 

4. EDIT EDIT EDIT. Yes, I'm saying it again - EDIT. Before you hang your spring items up - EDIT. Take a minute and identify the items you wear regularly or that you have a deep love for - if it's a 'maaaaayyyybbeeee I'll wear it'. Donate it. Trust me. 

And that's it! Take the time now & you'll be all set next winter. 

OK, time for a cookie.